Orendco Inc.

When you need information to help you make the best decisions at those critical junctures, Orendco can provide you with the resources and insights necessary to avoid those disastrous sink holes that can lurk around the corner.  We have the skills to develop the information and the executive acumen to help make the best decision.

Our proven business professionals will work with your team to provide them with the skills and resources to quickly achieve sustainable profits.

Sales       Costs       Profit

Money does not grow on trees but we can show you how to grow money through the improved performance of your business.

Business growth: Internal,

Acquisition, Product Licensing, JV

Profit Improvement

Strategic Planning,

Market Studies, Product Life Cycles


  The professionals at Orendco can show you how to optimize the performance of your   business and it products or services. Whether its:

both creation and revitalizing

Improve your business performance.  

Make it the industry leader     


Thomas Paine’s made his famous quote. “Lead, follow or get out of the way” in the late 1700’s and it is still very true today. If you are not leading in your industry you will be pushed out of the way by your competitors. To be the leader you must be continually improving all facets of your business. Our role at Orendco is to assist our clients in being the leader in their industry.

At Orendco we are not report writers. Our consultancy is based on working shoulder to shoulder with your management team using the knowledge, skills and experience of Orendco’s professionals to enhance your business’ performance.